Wednesday, September 17, 2008

There is a reason why I like yarn people

The Victoria Handweaves' and Spinners' Guild sent me a lovely get well card.

The amount of love and support I've received from everyone in the last few days is absolutely awe inspiring. I never imagined that people could be so kind. If just the people I know can be so wonderful, imagine what could be accomplished if more people knew about this illness? We could change the world or at least the health care system and then other people wouldn't have to go through this misery.

Thank you my friends for being so amazing.

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Josiane said...

What a lovely card! I'm glad that you've received a good dose of love and support lately; you needed and deserved it. I hope it helps you feel better!
And here you are, thinking about what could be done for others if more people knew... you truly are a wonderful person!