Tuesday, September 23, 2008

wow, I have friends

I don't know how to say this. I'm overwhelmed by the kindness and support of my friends.

I've never felt this before. I know you are thinking, surely I've had friends before. I have, but never like this. Maybe because I've moved around a lot in my youth or for some other reason; but I've never felt at home with people before. This is something new. They feel like family. I mean the good kind of family that you want to spend all your time with. They make the world seem like a friendly place after all.

Friends like these are better than any medicine (sounds like a greeting card, I know, but there is truth to it).


Josiane said...

As weird as it may seem to some people, yes, it sometimes comes as a surprise, somehow. There's one thing you've got to do when it happens: enjoy it! :)

HeatherinSF said...

Hi - I have been reading your blog since the Kauni KAL started but was impeded by technology and couldn't post comments until now. I think about you a lot and send you healing and comforting thoughts. Just keep plugging along and doing what you need to and get better, even on those days when it feels like nothing is working. This feeling of persistence and respecting your body and your current limitations is a huge step towards better health. I have found this attitude helpful during my health crises over the years and things always get better. (((hugs)))