Saturday, October 04, 2008

Canadian politics are so entertaining but this election takes the cake.

So, ranting about politics on one's blog does have an upside after all.

I broke into joyful laughter when I read The Federal Loom Buying Powers.

I love the photo. It's about what I would look like in a year or two without Lyme treatment. It's quite apt, even if I'm not yet thirty.

Quick, everyone hop over there and leave a comment as to how cool that cat is for bringing these issues to every one's attention.

I doubt the government is willing to pay for the medical research I desire or the postage involved in sending everyone more yarn; however, we can start small and work up to the bigger issues: We can start a campaign to get the government to remove all tax on yarn and yarn related products (like spinning wheels).


Josiane said...

How great! And the picture is absolutely priceless!
As for the yarn, the government wouldn't even need to pay the postage: we could go and pick it up at the nearest yarn store! They would simply have to state the amount of our yarn credit on one of the papers that we get after submitting our tax return, and non-knitters could transfer it to the knitter of their choice.

Nat said...

Whoa! :) That's awesome.