Monday, October 27, 2008


I'm disappointed. The new thumb brace that was suppose to make knitting possible again isn't working. I can manage all of maybe ten minutes of knitting before it hurts so much that I have to quit for the day. At this rate, it feels like I'll never knit again. I hope that's not true.

The problem is my Lyme disease. One of the main symptoms is chronic inflammation. I have injuries that happened years ago that are still inflamed thanks to my Lyme friends. Neither rest nor anti-inflammatory, nor ice, nor snow will bring the swelling down. What's worse is that my thumb is not an old injury, it's arthritis caused by Lyme singling out my most used joints. Really inflamed arthritis. Fun.

Unlike most of my Lyme symptoms, these will most likely dissipate with treatment, but it will take a few years. Does this mean that I'm going to have to go four years without knitting or spinning? I'm not good with that.

I'm tired, I'm in pain, and I'm feeling grumpy.

It wouldn't be so bad if I was just working on knitting projects for myself, but I have two half-way completed projects for other people. Under normal circumstances it would take me less than a week to complete both of them. But as things are now, knitting at most ten minutes a day, I don't know if I'll finish before New Years. That's not good enough.

Any thoughts?


sarsbar said...

You know... those knitting commitments really seem to be bothering you...
so perhaps you need to ask for some help. I'd happily put in a few rows for you (or more!) over coffee someday. We can visit, I can play with the beautiful yarn and patterns that you pick, and you'll get a bit farther on those socks.
Let me know...
If you do come to campus, just give me a call in the office (x8918). I'm just about always able to run away at a moment's notice.
(Knitting sheath is a great idea too!)

Josiane said...

I'm sorry that the new brace isn't helping. Once again, I wish I was closer and could offer help in a more immediate way (i.e. not involving the added delays of having to mail the items - though if at this point you think you'd rather do it, my offer is still valid).
An idea: if you were knitting for only two minutes at a time, would you be able to do it a couple of times a day? I know it would mean knitting only a few stitches at a time, but they would add up if you can do it a few times a day. I don't know, it's just an idea and maybe your thumb wouldn't like it much better, but that's all I could think of. Good luck!
Hopefully, this Lyme induced arthritis won't take too long to go away, or will at least get noticeably better soon.

Beth said...

I think you should definitely ask for help to complete those projects! I'm probably not a good enough knitter to help you out, but I bet you know people who are... The next time a knitting friend says, 'hey what could I do to help?' present them with your unfinished projects! I bet they'd be happy to help...
But yes, it's cruddy that you can't do it yourself. Give it will come back.