Sunday, October 05, 2008

Dream of healing yarn

In my dream last night, I was in Japan with Y, Y's friend C and C's infant daughter, H. We were walking up a long mountain. The sun was hot and penetrating but a dry and icy wind blew against our faces from the top of the mountain. It was a long walk up the mountain, everyone around me spoke Japanese; a language that I understand very little but I knew enough to know that the tone was one of quite desperation at the state of affairs in the world. Instead of beautiful houses and gardens that filled Japan last time I was there, the road was lined with run down mobile homes and houses made of large shipping containers that people had placed on the parched earth. The people I saw were dressed in drab cloth that was frayed around the edges and only C, Y, H and myself were wearing anything close to 'modern' clothing.

The further we walked, the more thirsty and foot sore I became. My friends seemed to be use to this journey and were resigned to it's riggers, but I felt that I couldn't complete it.

Just as I was about to lye down on the side of the road and accept my fate, I saw a yarn shop ahead and off to the left. The title was in Kanji (a Japanese font), but somehow my mind knew that it meant 'House of Yarn and Healing'. Despite my friends' objections to the time and the amount of distance left to walk, I left them and headed towards the shop.

The moment I stepped over the threshold, the world was no longer drenched in sepia. Rather, there was so much colour I almost couldn't stand it. There was yarn of every natural fibre and a smell that I can only described as what the feeling a welcoming hug gives you, would smell like. Two beautiful people welcomed me in English. They glowed like angles. I crossed the polished wooden floor and pet some red yarn; a mixture of the colours oxblood and heaven. Then I saw this sweater hanging behind the counter.

The owners brought down the sweater for me to admire. The general construction of the sweater was simple and elegant, but it was the pattern on the the front and back panels that captivated me. A simple worsted yarn made the background, but knitted in a textured yarn that was slightly thicker was a purely amazing pattern of circles and semicircles that seemed to dance among each other like old friends when the fabric moved. When I touched it, the fabric seemed to sing through my fingertips. The yarn itself was soft to the touch but stronger than any yarn I had known before.

The yarn and the pattern to make this sweater came in a lovely cloth bag that smelt of jasmine. But when I went to pay for it, I realized that I had forgotten to get any Japanese Yen from the currency exchange. I tried to pay for it with my credit card, but I remembered that the bank had taken it away from me. I promised to come back and pay for it if they would only put it to one side for me.

One of the owners went to a wall at the side of the shop where a collection of tall candles lived. You know, the type of candles you put on the dining room table at a special occasion. Each one of these candles was a different colour and the wax was infused with herbs and spices. They were labeled according to their function: the while ones for energy, the sky blue ones healed ulcers, a dark purple one for healing cancer and so on. The owner of the yarn shop chose a deep yellow one, almost golden, but I didn't see what this one did.

That's the end of the dream.
It felt very prophetic, but I don't know what it means.


Josiane said...

What a beautiful dream! I hope its meaning becomes apparent to you one day, but even without understanding what it had to tell you, it sounds like it felt very soothing. Keep that feeling with you and enjoy it!

sTeph said...

Fascinating, I too hope the meaning becomes apparent to you. It reads like a prelude to the story of spinning straw into gold.