Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Well, that was anticlimactic, as expected. Very little changed in the Canadian government. I'm just fine with that. Voter apathy was at an all time high; but, didn't I predict that? I would love to see the voter turn out per Provence. Judging from how empty our polling station was, I don't think BC will come out as most enthusiastic. But I'm being cynical.

Three cheers. It will be four years before we have to go through a federal election again. Or, perhaps three, or more likely two years. Heck, it could even be three months. But that's Canada for you.

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Josiane said...

You're right, not much has changed, and the little that changed didn't make things any better... unfortunately. Oh well, we'll see how things go.
Thankfully, there was something in my mailbox to cheer me up today! :)