Saturday, October 11, 2008

I'm Weaving

My mentor O-B-1 (can you guess who she is? She's been on the blog before, only now she has her very own pseudonym) came over the other day and gave me some pointers for dressing my loom. It was fantastic! She spent about three minutes showing me how to do things better, and presto, I was dressing my loom with lightening (well, almost) speed. What took me three hours to do earlier, only took forty minutes once I knew how. I bet it will take half that next time around.

Once my loom was dressed and ready to go, I got out my trusty shuttle and started weaving.

Now, I don't expect to be very good at first, and you know what, I'm not. But at this stage, it doesn't matter. I'm making cloth! But as you see, the first pattern repeat turned out, hmm, poorly.

A little bit further along, I'm doing a bit better.

And eventually, I get the hang of things.

There are a few things that I want to improve. First off, my edges really suck. This is a practice scarf and I will wear it with pride; but I hope one day, to improve my skills at making the edges even. Secondly, something is uneven in the way I beat the fabric. A casual glance at my fabric will tell you each time I've gotten up from the loom. Each time I come back to it, after drinking more coffee or perhaps moving the fabric along a bit, I seem to have a different tension or something. I'm hoping that this will improve with time and practice.

Still, it is pretty awesome, don't you think?


Jen said...

So cool!! It looks great!

Josiane said...

Oh, I love the pattern you're using, and I like your colour choice, too. It looks great!

:Diane said...

Has O-B-1 suggested a floating selvedge to you yet? That would help you make selvedges that look a little more alike and possibly better. Alas, weaving miles of fabric is the best way to improved selvedges.