Thursday, October 16, 2008

quick weaving question

Do I need to do a hem stitch at the start and end of my weaving if I am making a fringe? If so, how do I do it? If not, how do I make a fringe?

I'm feeling a little better so I thought I would play with my loom.

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Josiane said...

From the very little I know about weaving (can't wait to learn more!), yes, you need to do a hem stitch at the start and end of your weaving if you are making a fringe, so that your weft doesn't unravel. I have learnt how to do it two weeks ago, but I feel like I'm unable to translate the instructions I have in a way that would be both simple and understandable... So I went and googled, in order to see if I could find those instructions in English. Here you go: a PDF published by Handwoven and a book I've found on Google books (see p.28; it gives basically the same info, but I'm including it here because there may be other interesting stuff in there). It is a bit different to what I have learnt, but not by much, and I like this version: it seems to me that it would be a bit sturdier.
A few details:
- if your weft yarn is thick, you can use a thinner yarn to do the hem stitch (the one you used to warp, or yet another matching thread)
- the "group of ends" they are referring to in the instructions to which I have linked corresponds to the number of ends you want in your fringe; they are showing 4 in the diagram, but it can be anything you want.
I hope this helps! Have fun with your loom! Actually, I'm about to turn off the computer and go play with mine, too: I have some samples to weave for my next class.