Friday, October 31, 2008

Shetland Knitting Belt (adapted)

(Just a quick note to my Vegan friends, this post contains the use of animal products - I wanted to be as authentic as possible. If it makes you sad to see someone use leather, feel free to skip this post.)

I did it. After much struggle, strife and far too many months without knitting, I found a working solution. I can now knit one handed (sort of - it's a learning curve, but I'm getting there).

This is my adapted version of the Shetland knitting belt. As you can see, it doesn't have a belt attached to it. Instead, it has a belt loop on the back so it can fit on my everyday belt.

Dad let me borrow his brain for the planing out of this contraption and also helped with some of the tasks that required strength. I had actually gone down to the local Leather shop to ask them to make it for me and ran into an old friend, LabyrinthLeather (I just adore her belt buckles, especially this one. Sigh, if only...). She encouraged me to make my own knitting belt and helped choose out the materials. In the end, I saved a Huge amount of money by making this myself and I have a sense of satisfaction that I wouldn't have had otherwise.

Working with leather was far more enjoyable than I would have suspected. I thought it was going to be stubborn, but it actually seemed to anticipate my will and act accordingly. The hardest part was to stuff it full of horse hair (traditional stuffing), but I'm glad I endured. The horse hair works great.


Josiane said...

I knew it would be clever and creative! :)
So, that's an alternative to the knitting sheath you linked to the other day? Interesting! It's great that you could make it yourself.
And now, you're developing an impressive new skill... enjoy the one handed knitting!

Anonymous said...

This is great! and a link to all those generations who needed that to help them keep up their quota. LOL

I love the horsehair. From any horse you know?

Betty in Texas