Saturday, October 18, 2008

Someone stole the fingers off my gloves armwarmers

Most of the people who have met me will know that I almost always wear these cute little armwarmers. I must of knit them ages ago, maybe four or five years now, but I wear them ten months out of the year and they are still going strong. Okay, maybe a little bit of wear and tear is starting to show, but I'll just have to make some more soon.

The pattern is called Someone Stole the Fingers off my Gloves (pdf link) and it has both knit and crochet instructions (though I like the knit best). If I am not mistaken the pattern was created by the Yarnpath. I think that this is the favourite thing I've ever knitted, but it was relatively simple. I feel kind of guilty that I don't love my more complicated knitting more. It's also the first time I tried knitting cables.

I used the yarn Peruvian Baby Silk by and the colours Raspberry and Oxblood knit together as if they were one yarn. It's the same yarn I am using as my weft for my scarves.

The weather is great today, lovely and sunny. I'll try to get some photos (the blog has been rather short on photos lately - I ran out of batteries) of these handwarmers to show you. I also got my new thumb brace yesterday. This will, in theory, make it so I can knit and spin again. I can't wait to take it for a spin. I'm so excited to be doing what I love again.


Natalie Freed said...

Hip hip hooray! :)

Josiane said...

Your armwarmers sound lovely! Combining those two colours was a great idea!
I'm happy that your new thumb brace will help you get back to doing the things you love! I'm looking forward to seeing your next creations!

sarsbar said...

What a great idea - making your own 'tweed'. I've always loved the look of that yarn, but I'm not really one for solid colours. I've seen your mitts before and they are gorgeous. I really must knit something like that for myself!