Friday, October 24, 2008

Still alive, just tired

I've been doing a little bit of colour therapy with some silk corriedale roving.

I sat on the couch and pre-drafted some of this Easter egg coloured future yarn. I think I'll make sock yarn. It's not a colour I could ever see myself wearing, but I sure am looking forward to spinning it.

Other than that, I've discovered that I can watch Dr Who online. Thank you CBC.


Carrie K said...

I can't click on that Dr Who link, I have to work. Some time.:)

That sock pattern (posts below) is gorgeous! I love patterns like those, although I never seem to knit them up.

~laurie said...

You can watch Dr Who here too:

as well as Torchwood and lots of other shows. Just look down the list :)

Josiane said...

My comment could read almost exactly as your post title: still alive, just crazy busy these last few weeks, and exhausted. I'm having a few days break before the craziness (don't worry, it's all good stuff) resumes, so I can spend some time today catching up with you... I missed you!