Thursday, October 16, 2008

What a day

I don't have anything happy to blog about today, here's why. I'm going to have a nice, lazy day so that I'll have enough energy to go to Guild tonight.

I'm actually apprehensive about going to guild, I still haven't finished those socks yet. I'm just approaching the heal of the first sock. I think my life is like a really bad farce these days. Now that my wrist is finally healed enough to knit, my thumb has some serious arthritis going on. I get a new splint tomorrow which, in theory, will allow me to knit again. Then, I can finish the socks, buy some chocolate and present them both to the patient recipient next month.

1 comment:

Josiane said...

I'm sure you don't need to worry about those socks - the lucky recipient is certainly amazed that you are even knitting them through it all. I certainly am! Don't forget: it's a Guild - and not a guilt - meeting! :)