Wednesday, November 05, 2008

one little thing...

I just returned from yet another long and expensive trip to see the specialist in Seattle. I'm completely tired. So much so that I can't think of the word that means tired but sounds far more fancy (another word I can't think of the replacement word (what's the word for that again?) for). Anyway. Tired is the word I have and that's what I am, but I just wanted to say one little thing today because, well, it's the reason why I'm so tired.

Dear people of the world!

Please do not put your car alarm on when you travel by ferry. The motion of the boat will activate it and prevent poor, sick people like myself from getting any sleep what so ever. I really like sleep and it's too noisy to sleep upstairs on the passenger deck. It also annoys the boat working people (again, vocab recall system is on the fritz because of lack of sleep).

It is very unlikely that someone is going to drive off with your car before you dock. It would be very impressive if they did manage to somehow levitate your car above the sea of parked automobiles on the car deck and drive it over water to some chop shop, or where ever stolen cars go. If someone wanted to break into your car and steal some stuff, they would have a hard time doing so. Most ferries monitor the car decks for suspicious activity. If they did succeed, well, we know one of the people on board did it, so we could search them all as they come off. Basically, from a thief's point of view, it's way easier to break into cars at the mall, so they don't bother on boats.

So, please, people, I beg you, don't put your bl##dy car alarms on when you are travelling by boat. Sleep is a precious thing and there is so little of it around these days. Please help people get what badly needed rest they can.

Thank you,


Josiane said...

Poor sweetie! Putting the car alarm on wasn't the brightest idea that fellow passenger ever had...
However exhausted you are, though, you were still able to phrase your open letter in a way that made me laugh out loud! I'll remember the "vocab recall system is on the fritz" part: I love how you expressed it, and it will unfortunately prove useful to me too sooner or later...
Now, I hope you can enjoy some much deserved rest! Take care! {hugs}

Sarsbar said...

Absoultely!! Drives me batty. It used to be so wonderful to sit below decks, reading a book in the comfy, quiet car. If you get a spot on the upper car deck near a window, it's your own private cruise. Now... it's miserable.
Glad you are home.