Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Rain and spinning

Even though Brazil has already arrived, I'm still working on finishing up some of the projects I have going on around the house. I can manage an hour or two of productive time during the day, so it's slow going. But I figure if I do like the tortoise, I can slowly plod along and eventually everything will get finished. Then again, my project planing brain tends to run like the hare from this particular analogy so it's a bit of challenge for me to remind myself that I can't do everything I use to.

The last couple of days I've been working on spinning.

This is the yarn I started to make during the Tour de Fleece way back in summer (here and here). As many of you know my tour was cut rather short; but at long last, I've finally been able to finish spinning up the wool. Now, I'm slowly plying it together.

The goal is that this will someday become the Tangled Yoke Cardie (see also ravelry link). Although, now I'm starting to feel rather nervous because I didn't check my gage. All in all, I've spun about a pound of fleece into yarn, so if it doesn't work for this pattern, I can use it for a different sweater pattern. The yarn has turned out absolutely gorgeous, so maybe I'll just put it somewhere where I can admire and pet it until I can get around to knitting with it.

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Josiane said...

I love the colour of your yarn! It will make a gorgeous sweater!