Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Random bits

Just a few random bits that have happened lately.

I stopped by Knotty by Nature this weekend and ended up staying for over an hour. It was great to see so many customers in the shop and they haven't even had their grand opening yet. I have some great photos that I want to share with you but I am waiting on my brain to start up again so that I can do them justice.

A Rose found some skirt patterns that she gave to me to use. I'm very excited about this. I just need to get some fabric for them (and to finish my current sewing projects) then I'll have skirts to wear and show off my hand knit socks.

Cleaning the house for Brazil, our soon to be house guest, has gone far slower than I had hoped. I wonder if she knows that I've appointed her the task of washing dishes (joking - slightly). I can't do it any more, it hurts my dad's hand to do so, and since our soon to be guest will be staying more than three days, she gets to participate in the household tasks. Isn't that how it works with guests: More than three days, then they get the privilege of participating in everyday tasks?

That's about it for now.

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Josiane said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures you took at Knotty by Nature, and also to seeing the skirts you'll sew.
Take it easy on the cleaning, I'm sure it'll be ok. I think that Brazil would rather see your house not quite as clean as you'd have hoped than seeing you totally exhausted from getting more cleaning done...