Saturday, November 01, 2008

Shetland Style Knitting belt in action

Here is a photo of my Shetland style knitting belt (adapted) in action.

(Thanks to Dad for taking the photo. He's good, don't you think?)

It works great. It holds the needle quite firmly so that it stays put and can hold the weight of the fabric as I knit the stitches off onto the other needle.

I need to practice a few things. For starters, my left hand can't stay away from the knitting. I'm still letting it participate while I get the hang of things, just so long as my thumb doesn't do any work that will aggravate it again. It's also quite easy to slip off to many stitches (oh no, the dreaded dropped stitch) if you get too enthusiastic so it helps to knit at a slightly looser tension than I usually use for socks. Not too loose mind, just a little bit.

I suppose the only big setback is that I can't use it to work on my vegan knitting project. I don't think it would be fair to my vegan friend to use a non-vegan item to make her a vegan knitted object. I'm about half way through that project, so I'll just have to find another way to finish it.


Josiane said...

Awesome! Thanks for the picture! I'm glad you found a way to be able to knit again; that's a very creative solution.
That sock is coming along nicely!

Natalie Freed said...

So cool! :) Good job. I'm glad you posted a picture, I was trying to find one online to understand how that thing worked after you posted it the other day.
You might want to ask your vegan friend if she minds, she might not since it's something you use already...of course, I understand the principle of the thing.

Anonymous said...

explain to your began friend that it is to help your hand do its work - see what she says.
You are certainly getting the hang of it...practice, practice and listen to Cedric

Betty in Texas