Monday, November 24, 2008


The sky is lovely this morning. The coffee was ready just in time for me to watch the last bit of sunrise as I drink my morning brain juice. I love watching the sunrise and in a perfect home, I would have a bedroom that faced East so that I could get up every morning with the sun. Actually, in an ideal living situation, I would have a rooster living near my window to encourage me to get up every morning.

It looks like we are in for a lovely, albeit cold, day. By cold, I don't mean Canada-cold, I mean Victoria-cold (It's like only five degrees right now, that's almost freezing). I had best wear a scarf and gloves when I go out this afternoon.

I hope to make it down to Knotty by Nature. I hear that Monday afternoons is drop in and knit time. It will be nice to get out of the house and go for a walk; especially when there is yarn related activities involved.

I actually have a confession to make. I have been thinking about my new coat quite a bit, but that's not what I wanted to confess. I was wearing my coat and thinking about how much I like the way it makes my shadow look (I know, it's a funny way to judge clothes, but I'm a funny bird). I'm full of ideas on how to improve the making of it, especially the lining. That and the fact that it didn't turn out as warm as I had hoped, makes me want to sew a second one. Yes, it is warm, but more early spring and late fall warm, not deepest, darkest January warm. So I went, and this is where the confession comes in, to the fabric shop (the big one with cheep prices and lots of chemical smells) to find some more coat fabric. I was hoping that they would have some, but no. I suppose it's good that they didn't as it saved me from spending money, but I still have a desire to make a second coat with this pattern. I just love the lines of it and the more I wear it the more I want to wear it.

Then I got to thinking. Yes, this is dangerious. I was thinking that I have a loom. I also know of a shop that sells yarns good for weaving with. And since I would like some coat fabric, maybe there is some way to put these thoughts together into an actual project. It's still in the planing stages, and I have to find out if it is going to be horribly expensive. I also need to get down to brass tax and finish up what's on the loom right now (scarves) before I make any decisions. But, maybe...

If I'm not terribly mistaken, it's spinning tonight. This is going to be one very yarn-filled Monday.


Karen said...

I like your thoughts on how the loom and wool and ..... could turn into a coat. The fact that this would take time and December is only days away makes me wonder if you have considered wandering through the linen section in the many thrift stores in this town - woolen blankets!
I have found some 'treasures' and one of them is now a cozy coat equal to December and January and February in Victoria.

Josiane said...

I hope you had a day that was as lovely as your morning sky!
I wrote in my comment to your previous post that your next coat will be amazing, and that was even before I knew about your plan to weave the fabric for it! Now I know it will be beyond amazing! Karen has a great idea, though, for a short-term solution - you need to be kept warm now! Your idea makes for a wonderful longer-term goal. Keep us updated on future developments of this idea!
Oh, by the way, you're not the only one judging how much you like your clothes by the shadow they create: I do this too, with both my clothes and my hair do!