Friday, November 21, 2008

Winter Coat

The sewing gods did smile on my yesterday and I managed to complete my project in time for Guild.

Actually, I didn't finish the lining properly, when it came to that part of the coat, the instructions were little better than "assemble lining and install". What the heck does that mean? The main part of the coat had detailed, albeit confusing, instructions and pictures so why not the lining? Anyway, I fudged my way through it and when I ran out of time, I just tacked the rest of it in by hand.

Sarsbar 'convinced' me to show and tell my coat at Guild. I didn't really want to as I'm getting more and more shy. Besides, I didn't spin or weave it, so I didn't think I had the right to show it off at the spinning and weaving guild. But sarsbar found where I hid my coat and put it on the show and tell table. This turned out for the best (though my face turned quite red while I was talking about it) as I got all sorts of tips on how to finish off the lining.

All and all, I think I'm happy with this coat. Considering that all I've made so far was some PJs, a couple of blouses and some jeans, I think I did quite well. Ignorance is bliss and I'm not certain I would have started this project if I knew exactly how difficult it was. I also got some really awesome buttons for it. If you are going to put that much effort into a project, I believe, one should splurge on the buttons.


Esther V. said...

the lining to your coat is sewn absolutely separately(a complete unit unto itself!!)...then turn it inside out...and attach it to the inside of your coat with the lining seams and the coat seams touching each other..."stitch in the ditch" is an okay way to attaching it but hand stitching (tiny stitches) is great. I haven't sewn for years so this is what I used to do in the 'olden days'!!!!

Natalie Freed said...

Omigosh that coat is completely amazing. How long did it take total? What fabrics did you use?

Josiane said...

Your coat is fabulous! You are so amazing, diving right in, no matter how hard a project may be, and you come up with the most gorgeous coat! Wow, just wow! Raven, you are a very inspiring person.

Michelle said...

Your coat is gorgeous -- I'd never have the nerve to tackle something like that!