Thursday, December 04, 2008

Blimey, I feel busy.

I know, I'm no where near as busy as the rest of the world, but lately, I've been swept off my feet with one thing or another. This has kept me away from my computer and the Internet a lot more than usual. My computer keeps looking at me with that pleading look, reminding me that I have emails (some a few months old) that need replying too. Not to mention, I've hardly spent any time at all on Ravelry lately. For shame, I know.

I've been testing this theory: by spending less time with my computer, maybe I can use my energy to do activities that are more productive. Activities like going for a walk to visit an old friend (and former boss) I haven't seen in months. I've even been working on finishing up different projects I have on the go around the house. Like, for example, finishing sewing my first pair of jeans.

I've come to the conclusion that jeans are more difficult to sew than a coat, so I'm not certain it's an adventure I'll embark on again (no matter how much money it saves). It is however, the only pair of trousers I have that fit properly at the moment, so that, in my book, is a huge accomplishment.

I've also received my first Christmas present:

Dad bought me some pajama fabric and buttons as a pre-Christmas-cheer-me-up present. It's the cutest fabric I've ever seen and I suspect that this is going to be the cutest pair of PJs ever.

I woke up early enough to see the sunrise again today. It was a very pretty pink and orange.

The old saying, "red sky at dawn, sailors be warned..." coupled with my joints tells me that the weather is going to take a turn for the worst soon enough. Then again, compared to last year, we have had a fall that is extremely mild, even for us.

Today and tomorrow will be days of resting up. I'm hugely excited about the Grand Opening of Knotty by Nature this Saturday. They have asked me to do a couple of demonstrations on the Walking Wheel, so I need to conserve my energy for the big day. It's going to be wonderful. I hope to see you there.


Josiane said...

What a sweet gift from your dad! The fabric and buttons are simply adorable! Your jeans are great, too, and I have no trouble believing that it's a difficult garment to sew. You are amazing!
I should spend less time on the computer too, so that I'd get a little more done... but when I'm tired, that's the easy thing to turn to.
I saw a bit of the sunrise too! There were streaks of a beautiful dark pink in the sky this morning. I hope the weather won't cause you too much pain in your joints.
Take good care of yourself, and get the rest you need so that you can enjoy your day at Knotty by Nature!

Alyson said...

*gasp!* where where WHERE did he get that fabric?? Need!! (also, sewing jeans sounds incredibly impressive to me. in theory, they're just pants, but in practice, sewing-wise? no. not just pants.)