Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Morning fun

Christmas morning is for doing things that you enjoy. At least it is for me. This year I played with my loom.

My dad has told me that I have to finish my weaving and get it off the loom by new years so that we can pack up the loom for moving. Sounds reasonable. I had best get back to it.

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Josiane said...

Your weaving looks great! It sounds like a wonderful way to spend a Christmas morning!
I had some fibery fun on Christmas morning too. My nephews (5 and 7) had asked me to teach them how to knit, so for Christmas I gave them a big box full of yarn (most probably all acrylic, but it was significative acrylic, as it was the yarn I came home with two weeks ago when I went to help Mom clean my grandmother's (who's passed away last summer) closets from all her belongings). I didn't have time to get them needles appropriate for that yarn, so I taught them how to do finger knitting, and we had a lot of fun! I'll cherish that as one of my sweetest memories from this Christmas.