Friday, December 12, 2008

Knotty by Nature Grand Opening

Time for me to tell you about my knotty day: the Knotty by Nature grand opening.

On the walk to the shop, I was very good and took lots of photos, including one of a giant drop spindle. I can't find the links to why we have a giant drop spindle next to city hall, but it had something to do with art and local first nations fibre traditions.

Then I got to the shop and managed to take a photo of my wheel. Then, well, the fibre fumes must have got to me. That same old thing that always happens when I'm surrounded by yarn people and yarn fumes and yarn and fibre and fun... well. I didn't take any more photos. But, some people did. See here and here. Also, Brazil took some wonderful photos for me, so we can thank her for the rest of the photos I post here.

My favourite photo from the day is this one of our happy hosts, Stephanie and Ryan, owners of Knotty by Nature.

And here are some weavers.

I love how they have the toys, ops, I mean, fibre arts equipment, out so that we can try our hand at them. Not just at the grand opening either, all the time. There is also a comfy sofa where you can sit and knit (or crochet) if and when the fibre fumes overwhelm you with excitement. I spent quite a bit of time hanging out there in between my demo times. Did I mention it's comfy? Did I mention I got to spin with the most delightful fibre ever? Silk and Camel! The fibres were lovely and short which made them perfect for a spindle wheel. I think it's ruined me - I never want to spin with any other kind of fibre ever again.

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Josiane said...

A drop spindle as public art, that's awesome!
It looks like it was a wonderful day! I'm glad you could go and enjoy it. The picture of you that Stephanie has on the Knotty by Nature's blog is great!