Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A letter from my MP. Bless.

I just received a very long email in response to my earlier email to my Member of Parliament.

I would love to share it with you all, but I'm uncertain if posting personal correspondence on one's blog is appropriate. I think this qualifies as a personal correspondence, but I'm not even certain of that either. I know I can post something that I have written, but not certain about posting the response. Actually, there's a heck of a lot in this world that I don't know, but that's not important right now. Anyone know more on the etiquette and/or the legal aspects of this? There is also the fact that I can't tell if this is a form email as it doesn't directly address or refer to anything I wrote, but is along the same themes that one would use if directly responding to my email.

I can tell you my first impressions of the email. Note, this, being the first impressions, are more emotionally bent than if I had sat down with a cup of coffee and read it through several times with a fine toothed carder (see, even discussing politics, I can bring yarn related metaphors into the blog).

First, it very well written. This email took a lot of time and effort to produce. Second, it's very true to the party (and I mean the NDP party) line. Third, there is a lot of strong language (almost to the point of being hateful at times) directed towards the Conservative party and our Prime Minister. Last, and I might write more on this once I do better research, several of the legal aspects touched on in this email might not be correct. There was this constitutional lawyer fellow on CBC (or was it CTV?) a while back who mentioned two problems with the coalition government: the two parties who would be forming the coalition government do not equal more seats in the House than the Conservative party and since the third party isn't actually joining the coalition and would be just supporting it, it wouldn't work (legally). The second problem he mentioned was that this move can only be done directly after an election and not after parliament has been formed (whatever that means).

I'm going to have to re-read my MP's email later. I think I can see her point of view, but her actual arguments (in the philosophical sense of the word) are hidden in what we call the fallacy of 'appeal to emotion'. The rhetoric she uses is very strong and takes some effort to see past to the actual supporting arguments. In her favour, this appeal to emotion displays that this particular MP is very passionate about what she does.

Still... I'm very West Coast these days. My initial emotional response to the email is that I feel even further away from Ottawa than usual. I wonder what it would be like if we had a party that ran on (I think this is the right word) occidentcentric (Westward looking) values. I don't know if this would be a good thing or a bad thing, but it would make things more interesting.

All in all, I say 'Bless'. My MP is trying hard and that's gotta count for something.

Just one more thing, is this right? "In our country [Canada], 62% of Canadians voted for someone other than Stephen Harper..." I thought that was more than how many people came out to vote at the last election. That's amazing. But, again, I could be wrong on this. Oh great number-knowing-people, please tell me which is right? Also, don't we vote for the MP, not the PM? Not criticizing (directly), just curious. Honest.


Leslie - knitting therapist said...

Well, 62% of the people who voted, voted for a party other than the Conservative Party. That's a more accurate representation of what happened.

You're correct, we don't vote for the PM, we vote for the MP (theoretically) that will best serve our local interests.

And, the turnout at our most recent election was a historic low.

Josiane said...

I'm glad to learn that you've received an answer from your MP, and a well-written one that was related to the topic at that (as opposed to a short generic note). As for wether it was a form email, did your dad receive the same one (or did he receive something at all) in answer to his own letter to the MP?
Having a MP who's passionate about what she does and who takes the time to answer the emails she receives (though it came late enough that you had time to worry she wouldn't) is a good thing.