Thursday, December 04, 2008

A letter to my MP

Well, to continue with the recent political direction that this blog has taken, I think I'll publish the letter I wrote to my MP (a member of the NDP). I don't know why this has gotten me all riled up, I don't like any party and I usually try to remain neutral (at least online) about political matters in Canada. If anything, I tend towards the Green Party when it comes to politics - You know, help the economy by helping the environment. That's totally awesome.

But, that's not what I wrote about. So here, because otherwise no-one but my MPs secretary would read it, is my over opinionated letter:

I want to begin by saying thank you for being our member of parliament and representing us in Ottawa.

I am an avid voter who lives in your constituency and I just wanted to let you know that I feel very disappointed with recent events in Ottawa. I feel that at this time, a coalition government is a mistake, especially one that involves the Liberals (given their recent history of financial mismanagement, it’s not a good idea to give them any degree of control of the government at this time of ‘economic crisis’). Canada needs stability at this time and the recent actions of your party and that of the Liberals gives us anything but. This is also not an issue that you and other members of these two parties ran on during our recent election. If this coalition government does represent the will of the people of Canada, then it would be prudent to prove it by having an election immediately after a vote of non confidence where both parties openly run on this platform. If this coalition government is the right move, then giving the people a direct voice on the matter would be the right thing to do rather than making it appear that Ottawa does not care about what happens west of Thunder Bay.

Thank you for taking the time to read this email. I know that you are only one voice in this matter, but you are our voice and we look to you to speak for us both in Parliament and in party matters. I hope you will consider the opinions of this voter when it comes time to make a decision on these issues.

The only good it will probably do is to make me feel better, but isn't that enough?

I should add, I don't mind, and actually encourage, different political opinions. It means you are paying attention. Feel free to express them on this post - just note, I reserve the right to delete comments that are personal attacks or extreemly hateful.


Anonymous said...

I got curious about the "recent finanical irresponsiblity", and why I wasn't as upset about as you are. So I did some poking around. So in the scandal the Liberal Government lost $100 million in 2004 (they spent it and got nothing for the public in return). That same year, they produced a surplus budget of $9.1 billion (or $9,100 million.). So in that year they lost 1.1% of what the surplus was. That's not good and I don't want my tax dollars wasted, however isn't that a little saying that I am finiancially irresponsible if I saved $91 but lost $1? What am I missing? Have I mis-placed a decimal place? Is the comparison fair?

That not even considering that from 1998 to 2004 Liberal governments paid $61.4 billon down on our national debt. Before 1998, we had had deficient budgets for 28 years.

Since I don't tend to vote Liberal unless there is no candidate from the NDP, I really am offering this information in a spirit of fairness and because I was curious as to why I didn't think that Liberal Governments had been finanically irresponsible. You might have information that I don't know about, in which case I'd like to understand more.

raven said...

That's a great point and I admit, I'm not up on the numbers. It's great to see them laid out like that. Thanks.

I do understand however, that The Liberals have been having trouble with their own financial situation lately which could also be taken into account.

I'm quite bad with this type of numbers, but I don't feel a sense of confidence when it comes to this party handling Canada's financial situations at this time. Perhaps when things are more settled within their party, things will 'feel' better in this regard, but right now... well, I'm probably just over vocal about my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I do see what you mean about the party's internal finances and they are having a leadership race. Not good timing for offering to form a government (coaliation or not). I suspect with the right leadership choice they will start to get more donations which will help to solve their money problems. But then I do look at the world through rose coloured half-full glasses.

I naturally gravitate to numbers, they are so restful to me. In fact I had this odd picture of me look at the world through rose coloured number hazed glasses. It was funnier in my head.

I like the fact you are vocal about your opinions. And in this case I had great fun researching and finding out what my opinion was and what it was based on because you voiced yours. Thank you.

MoneyBonanza said...
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Josiane said...

Thank you for taking the time to write to your MP, that is something we should all do more often. Thanks also for sharing your letter with us.

raven said...

The post by MoneyBonanza was deleted because it was an advert, not for any political reasons.