Sunday, December 14, 2008

Oh, I love snow in this city

Let's start with something funny. Well, funny if you don't come from Victoria.

The local paper reports that with a mighty ten centimeters of snow on the ground, the authorities ask people to stay home and not attempt to drive. Although there were no major accidents reported so far, this is a good day to be a tow truck driver as today, you get to be the good guy and rescue numerous abandoned vehicles stuck in ditches. There were sightings of that endangered creature called a 'snow plough' (ops, apparently it's spelt 'plow' - I'm never going to get the hang of our spelling, do we spell things Canadian, UK or US style these days? And people actually wonder why I can't spell.). One snow plough (there I go again) - plow - beached itself on the Trans-Canada Highway. I guess ten centimeters is just more than these poor creatures can handle.

The article also reminds us that residents are responsible (though it doesn't mention that we are also legally responsible for any injury that may occur if we fail to do so) for clearing the sidewalk adjacent to our property. That's usually mine and my dad's job. We volunteer. I love shoveling snow, it's the next best thing to digging in the garden and even better than knitting - yep, I'm one weird bird. We get up early and when we are about 80 or 90% finished, someone comes out to offer their help. In the last year or so, there have been a few people who came out and helped early on; but they never take the initiative - they always need someone else to start things then they realize, oh, maybe that's a good idea. However, this year, neither my dad or myself are healthy enough to do so. I can't even carry a shovel from the shovel room to the front path, so clearing snow is out of the It's not getting done. We've done it the last 8 years, it's time for one of the other 19 units in this building to participate this year.

Now, some photos.

Yesterday as the weather moved in...

...I got some totally awesome shots of flowers.



More flowers:


It's almost like Christmas. One of the advantages of having Lyme is that I have some pretty accurate weather systems living in my joints. My joints are telling me that this is just the beginning of a long period of Proper Winter (or a Herx). I mean, there might be snow on the ground for days here! What a crazy world. But seriously, my trick knee and other parts of me say that the weather reporters don't know what's coming. We are in for a Proper Winter. Darn, I wish I had shoes that don't leak. That will teach me to own more than two pairs of shoes and one pair of 'winter shoes' - sandals with wool socks.

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Josiane said...

Wow, thanks for showing those pictures! They are amazing! First, the flowers, at this time of the year, that's totally exotic to me. The snow, I'm of course used to it - but snow on those pretty flowers (not dried, frozen, dead ones)? I had never seen anything like it, and it is gorgeous! Thank you, Raven!