Saturday, January 10, 2009

Distaff day

Today is not Saint Distaff's day (there is a little bit about it here, but you have to scroll down and also Knotty by Nature did a great post about it here); however, today is the day that locals celebrate the return to spinning after the holidays.

There is a celebration in the Cowichan Valley where I am told that a huge number of people gather together and spend a day spinning. I'm not going this year due to health concerns. It's over an hour's drive each way with considerable change in elevation (that bit of road always reminds me of a high mountain pass and as far as my ears and joints are concerned, it might as well be).

I'm actually extremely disappointed in myself for not being able to attend this year's celebration, especially because I've never been before. I've spent a lot of this last week being disappointed in myself for not being physically able to do the things I want and need to get done. It's like my mind and my body are at war with each other. The more my body makes me rest, the more my mind dreams of things that it wants to do.

I once read a philosophical paper that stated that unhappiness is only the disparity between wants and haves. If we can modify our wants; make them somehow closer to what we already have, then we are closer to happy. I wonder though, how do we learn to do this? We have a commodity based economy that pushes us to want more every day. Advertisements that demands that we are never satisfied with what we have so that we will buy more stuff. How do we step back from the wants of our modern, Western world and step closer to what we already have? Am I going to start getting all Agnostic and say that this is the lesson that the universe wants me to learn?

I didn't mean this to be a sad post. So, I'm going to do what I have always done when I start feeling this way; I'm going to look at where I'm at and try to find out what is in my power to make better.

Knotty by Nature is having a little celebration of Distaff Day at their shop today. I think that after lunch, I'll stroll down there with my spindle and maybe some knitting and hang out there for an hour or so. I was there the other day, but I didn't get a chance to see the Wrist Distaff that Stephanie made. The shop was too busy which made me happy.


Jen said...

Have you ever read anything by Laura Nader? She wrote about what she calls "controlling processes," particularly within the framework of harmony, contentment, and conflict resolution. Basically she discusses how individuals come to embody certain culturally and social contingent and constructed values and ideals--happiness being one of them. You might find her interesting.

Hey, you wouldn't know a good place to look for second-hand books on Foucault, would you? I went to Russell books, but alas, no such luck.

Josiane said...

Sorry you weren't able to join the gathering in the Cowichan Valley, but it's great that you still had an opportunity to celebrate today at Knotty by Nature. I hope you had a good time!