Monday, January 26, 2009

Food waste

Here is a video in three parts (Waste: Why is So Much Food Wasted?: one, two, and three) about how food is wasted in our society.

It's interesting because if you read household manuals from the second world war and before, they make a distinction between food waste and food refuge. Refuge is things that are simply garbage, like rhubarb leaves but waste are things like carrot peals or spoiled food that could have been used to make something to eat (peals are good for broth). It's nice to see people looking at this issue again.

See also, Wasted Food.


Josiane said...

That looks very interesting. I'm bookmarking your post to get back to it when I'll be back myself... for now, I have a suitcase to pack!

Sarah's Blog said...

potatoes kind of freak me out when they start growing like that ...