Wednesday, January 07, 2009


I saw my first Grapple in the supermarket yesterday.

This just goes to show you what amazing things can be accomplished with science and chemistry these days. Infusing an apple with natural and artificial flavouring makes an apt metaphor for modern society, don't you think?

(image is from their homepage)


Josiane said...

I have yet to see them in stores around here, and I sincerely hope that day won't come any time soon. Hopefully, it won't be a commercial success, and the people thinking up those crazy products will find something better to do with their creativity!

Natalie Freed said...

That is so utterly weird. I can't imagine being the one trying to sell that idea to investors.

They have them at the local Safeway, They're rather expensive and sold in four-packs. I don't understand why anyone would want one, but maybe I'll try one and post a review.

Sarah's Blog said...

What the hell? What's wrong with the taste of an apple?