Friday, January 30, 2009

Help me remember


On the 8th of February, will someone remind me that I need to take my red bike from downstairs. This is very important so I know I'll forget it in all the confusion.

Thank you,

PS. Do you think it is odd that we have been saving up our compost for the last few weeks to take to the new house? I don't. But I was wondering if it's because my brain is Lyme-fried or if it really isn't all that strange.


Arose said...

Doesn't sound strange to me but I move "starter" compost from house to house.

Josiane said...

It's not odd at all! Considering how useful compost will be at the new house, getting a head start on your compost pile there makes total sense to me.
That reminds me that you must be close to starting to plant your potatoes, if it's not done already. Now that I've visited Victoria, I understand better how that is possible. :)