Saturday, January 17, 2009

I wish I had an Angora Wabbit

This is terrible news: there is an advertisement for a free Angora Rabbit with cage, food dish, et cetteria. What's so terrible? I have no where to put this apparently friendly bunny until I move into my new home in about three weeks. I have a feeling that the bunny will find a new home by then. Sigh. I'm certain there will be other free angoras out there eventually... oh well.


Natalie Freed said...

You could perhaps contact the owner, tell them your situation, and see if they will hold it for you. They're probably interested in having someone take it who'd really care for it.

Josiane said...

Do contact the owner! When s/he sees how much you want it, I'm sure s/he'll hold it for you until you can take it into your home. Hey, you'll have the best home a rabbit could hope for! The only reason I can see that it wouldn't work is if the owner has to move to a not-rabbit-friendly place before you move yourself.

Sarah's Blog said...

Just move the bunny into the condo. I won't tell anyone. ;)