Monday, January 26, 2009


Speaking about food. The potatoes are starting to grow.

Time to put them in the sun so they don't grow too much before it's time to plant them.

You can do this with potatoes you get from the shop. Perhaps you put them in the back of the cupboard and forgot about them and now they are starting to grow. Put them in the sun, preferably on a cool windowsill, and leave them for a month or so (when most of the frost has passed). Here, we start planting potatoes about mid February, but not all of them in-case there is a late snow which will stunt the 'taters, and when it melts, will encourage them to rot. Plant a row or two ever one to two weeks until late spring.

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Josiane said...

You start planting about mid February? That sounds so exotic to me! I woke up to -25 Celsius this morning... I'm looking forward to experiencing a little bit of your kind of winter! (Though it makes it hard for me to decide what kind of footgear to bring - my big winter boots seem overkill, but my running shoes not quite enough - and I only have a couple of hours to make up my mind now!)