Saturday, January 31, 2009

rabbit health

Is it possible my rabbit has something? She drinks all the time. Especially in the evenings. No, not whisky, though that would be funny if true. She drinks lots of water. Also, no matter how much papaya and vegetables (not lettuce) she eats, she still has small poo. (that's just what you wanted to read about while eating breakfast, wasn't it? I aim to please.) Every few days she gets in a mood where she sits in a corner and dosen't want to do anything or eat anything (even treats). Then, a few hours later, she is her excited, hyper-energetic self again begging for affection and treats. Is this serious enough to ask a vet about? How does one even go about finding a vet? 95% of the time she's happy, healthy looking, bright eyed, and bushy tailed. Just extreemly thirsty.

Any thoughts? Do I have a bi-polar, diabetic rabbit?


Jen said...

There's Hillside Vet on Shelbourne. There's also one really close to where I live, Hollywood Vet. It's on Fairfield. I might call and ask some questions if I were you.

Better safe than sorry, you could also get a general check up for her too. It's probably a good thing, just to make sure she's healthy, especially if she was living with people who smoked.

Sarah's Blog said...

I highly recommend Kindred Spirits.

It would be good to get a check-up (especially because it sounds like she came from a home where someone didn't care about her health) and make sure there's nothing going on.

marydotmusic said...

I remember when I had my rabbit. He needed a lot of ruffage - like alfalfa. Otherwise, I think he may have been constipated. Whether or not that is related to your bunny problems, I don't know. Though I'd bring it up.

If you don't want to go to a vet clinic yourself, there's a mobile one that will come to you. You could probably request they don't wear any scents either, if that will help. Pacific Mobile Vet Clinic 250-727-0099.

Josiane said...

Did you find out if Ginger had something? Is she getting better? I hope so. Your hypothetical diagnosis of a bi-polar, diabetic rabbit is hilarious! (as long as it doesn't turn out to be true...)