Thursday, January 22, 2009

rabbit training

Ginger, my new rabbit, and I have been getting to know each other.

I think that the training goes both ways. She's been training me on how to do things like fill her watter bottle properly and how not to hold her, and I've been teaching her that this is a gentle house and that we respect her. Also, I've been reminding her how to sit still when I'm brushing her. I think she already knew this, but was just a bit nervous about her new home.

Yesterday, in two sessions totalling about an hour and a half, I managed to remove two ounces of fibre from her. Sadly, it's not spinable. It's all matted, smells like smoke and has lots of fecal matter in it. But at least now she is beginning to look like a fuzzy rabbit and not a messy tribble. The fir around her legs was completely tangled up so that she couldn't move her back legs properly. Her legs were matted to her body. It was rather gross. I've managed to untangle and clip away most of the fir that was causing this trouble. I think that is why the skin around her hips hurts. At least she's not big on being touched there. I can tell because her muscles get tense and she tries to direct my hand back so that I pet her head and her back. She also won't let me touch under her chin under any condition. I don't know if this is because it hurts or because she doesn't want me to eat her. Hopefully in a few days she will be more use to me and let me brush under there.

All in all, I'm almost half way towards making Ginger tangle free. It's taking far longer than I had hoped, but each day she seems more alert and content.


marydotmusic said...

When I had a rabbit years ago, he wouldn't let me touch him under his chin either. And when he wanted he would rub his chin on you or on things. I later learned that rabbits have scent glands under their chin. They use it to smell and mark their territory. Humans can't smell this marking, but once your bunny gets used to you, there will be lots of chin touching hopefully! :)

Josiane said...

Her legs were matted to her body?! Poor sweetie! It won't be long before she realises that she's gonna be a much happier bunny now that she lives with you.

Karen said...

Can't find an email so am putting the link to the knitting needles I was asking about here......?

Strata193 said...

Poor little bunny. Thank goodness she's in a home now with someone who cares. :)

Sarah's Blog said...

Whoops. I was logged in as the wrong person. ;)