Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Busy getting ready

I finally did it, I took some yarn down to Knotty by Nature to put on consignment.

This is the weirdest sensation for me. Spinning is something I do for pleasure. It gives me a sense of accomplishment. How can I put a monetary value on something like that? But then again, it's also a hobby that tends to cost money so it would be nice to have it pay for itself.

The yarn is there now and if they sell, then great. If they don't sell, then that's okay too because I had a lot of fun making them and yarn always comes in handy.

Yesterday, while dad, G'pa and a few other kind relatives are busy working on the new house to get it ready for me to move in, I've been pottering around the house. I did three loads of laundry and plan on doing at least two more today. I have some undyed cotton fabric that I bought. I need to hem the edges, wash out the sizing, then sew into sheets for my new bed. I have a set of PJs I made out of this stuff and the fabric just gets softer and stronger the more it is used (so far) so I think this will work well. It's also about a quarter of the price of buying new sheets.

But I was talking about yesterday. Yesterday I tidied up the house by finishing off some projects that were taking up space. Most of it is spinning. The justification for this is that unspun fibre takes up more space than yarn.

This is the merino and silk noils that I blended at Knotty by Nature the other day.

Oh! It's amazing yarn. So soft. I'm definitely not selling this yarn. I want to make a scarf out of it. I have just under 400m of singles and I don't think I want to ply them so perhaps I could use it as weft for weaving a scarf? I wonder how long a scarf that would make? Next time I'm at the shop I'll see if I can find some more marino fibre to spin up for the warp (no noils). I will have to get together with a weaving friend to work out if I have enough weft or if I need to spin some more of that too.

I also had a go at spinning baby camel.

This I got from Fun Knits almost a year ago, but I hadn't the courage to spin it up. It's so incredibly soft and luxurious. What if I ruined it? I gathered up my courage and had a go. It was a bit difficult to get the hang of, but after a while I was doing quite well. I spun it with a long woolen draft (in case you actually know what that is) and it made the softest yarn. The shiny stuff is bamboo top from Hummingbird Fibre Arts (and sorry, I never can find their website). It actually does shine in the sun like highly polished brass. I spun this worsted style and plyed it with the camel.

Such a beautiful yarn! For the rest of it I might spin the bamboo a bit finer. I imagine a lace stole for wearing to special occasions like weddings. The camel makes this extra warm and blooms beautifully when plied. I wish I could invite you all over to pet this.

Right, no spinning for me today. I have to packing to do. Wish me luck.


~Tonia~ said...

Such beautiful spinning. If someone doesn't snag it they are crazy. I agree it is hard to put a price on it.

Good luck on all the packing. That is never a fun job.

Josiane said...

Oh, lovely blue sky and puffy clouds! It's so exciting to see those batts turned into such a beautiful yarn! It will make a fabulous scarf, and will be a sweet reminder of that afternoon we spent together. And it's blue, without the faintest hint of red! ;)
I can't say for sure, but I think that 400m should be enough for the weft. I can't wait to see how it turns out!