Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Raven's Brook Farm?

I spent Sunday afternoon playing at the new house.

I didn't spend much time inside as it is not de-chemcialled yet, but I did explore the yard. It's five acres of agricultural land and hopefully, within a month or so we can stop calling it 'the new house' and start calling it a farm.

G'pa is over the moon about the neighbours. They keep horses and chickens, so they have a large pile of manure in their back yard. Some of it looks well seasoned. G'pa kept talking about how he could sneak in there at night and steal it slowly so that they wouldn't notice. I was beginning to suspect that he was serious. Lucky for us, he finally met the neighbours yesterday and they got to talking. At one point in the conversation G'pa said, "What are you going to do with all that manure?" and without missing a beat, Mr W. said, "Give it to you." Well, that made G'pa's day. So, now I know how to make my G'pa happy. Give him a big pile of Shite.

In the yard there is an old hen house that is in dire need of repair and some old fruit trees.

I think I could fix up the hen house in a week or so (a healthy person could maybe do it in a day). It needs to be predator proofed, cleaned and a door or two put on. There is this mettle thing I found in the brambles that you can use to give the chickens water. It just needs a little bit of fixing up. The thing is, there is no run for birds to play in. I could let them run around the yard as they like, but given the number of small animal bones around the yard, I don't think they would survive a week before someone else ate them.

I'm going to focus first on this low muddy bit that bisects the back yard.

It was bone dry when we viewed the house earlier in the year, but now that the rains are here, it is a real quagmire.

There are rocks all over the property. Basically like field stone, but probably something to do with glaciers (all rock deposits are glacier related around here - or so it seems). I was going to narrow and deepen where the water goes, then collect up these rocks and use them to make a brook. I figure this is a task I can work at slowly and put down when I need a rest.

It's lovely to be able to go outside without being poisoned with chemicals and perfume.

There are also about a dozen ravens hanging about the property. G'pa said that he would like to call the place, Raven's Brook Farm given the number of ravens and that I, also a raven, am planing on making a wee little brook in the back yard. I did a quick google and came up with only two places who have names similar: Raven Brook Farm (not Raven's) which is a Christmas Tree farm in Eastern Canada and RavensBrook Homes, a real estate company. So, I think this means that we can use this name but I have to check.


Claire said...

Wow - everything looks so neat! Have fun feathering your (raven's!) nest :)

Natalie Freed said...

I really enjoyed this post. Your grandpa is so cool. :) Yay for outdoor adventures and having an awesome back yard! I want to move rocks and plant things and feel real dirt on my toes now.

~Tonia~ said...

It looks so lovely there. I love the country. So peaceful and you can breathe the air. ;) I was going to say to make a little babbling brook from the wetlands you have going there, but that seems to be your plan all along. LOL I can't wait to see all the progress. You could always call your GPa what I used to call mine when I was little - Crapa. LOL

Sarah said...

So lovely! I can't wait to get out there to see!!!
(And chickens! Someday I'll have my own. But maybe I can play with yours this summer.)
I love the name -
Hugs - and best of luck with the move.

Josiane said...

It's a lovely place, and your plans for it sound great! When I was a kid, there were two things I wanted to have when I'd have a place of my own: a brook, and fruit trees, so it seems you've found the place of my dreams! Too bad I didn't get to visit it while I was around. Hopefully, there will be a next time... (The art director at the storytelling festival loved Eric's stories and said he will invite him again, so there should be a next time!)
I think your grandpa has found the greatest name for your farm!