Monday, February 02, 2009

Yes sir, yes sir, three shops full

I got to meet a very special yarn friend in person on Saturday. We spent the afternoon together visiting yarn shops. I was very excited and, yes, a little bit nervous meeting her. It turned out that we had a great deal of fun together and I really hope she can show me around her home town some day in the future.

We meet up at my favourite cafe then, after tea, ventured to the Button and Needlework Boutique where we pet the luxury yarn.

There is a lot more yarn there than last time I visited. When yarn first arrived in that shop, it took up a little bit of space near the front. Then, it took up half the shop. Now... Have you ever seen that episode of Star Trek with the Tribbles? There is Yarn everywhere.

It is wonderful for someone like me to see the yarn multiplying at an exponential rate, but it does compress the buttons and needle work stuff. It's still all there, just more efficiently displayed.

Okay, I have to confess I said something that sounded way better in my mind before it came out of my mouth. I compared yarn to gas and explained that Boil had a law that said something about how gas expands to fit the container in which it is held. That's why the yarn was taking over the shop just like it takes over a knitter's home. See, it sounded great in my brain - scientific theory use as an analogy to explain a phenomena. Oh well, we all had a good laugh.

After that, we walked to the Beehive Wool Shop. This is The Traditional yarn shop for Victoria. It's been around forever and it is still extreemly popular. You can tell that because there was barely room to move for yarn and people.

It's a lovely shop, lots of yarn, lots of variety, lots of people, but not much air flow. (also, I've noticed that customers and staff are more likely to wear perfume in that shop than any other yarn shop near by). I do like listening to the sounds and conversations of the people there almost as much as I like petting the yarn. They had lots of new stuff in there that I had never seen before and it was horribly difficult to not buy this handmaiden silk yarn that had both Tussa and Mulberry silk and dyed the most amazing golden colours. I couldn't really bring myself to spend that much on one skein of yarn that I didn't have any project for it. I did dream of it that night though. Sigh. What do people who don't love yarn dream about?

After that, it was Knotty time. Knotty by Nature is only a couple of blocks away from the Beehive, so we ended our day there. They have this lovely comfy couch for resting on which is perfect for when I get tired from admiring so much yarn.

I feel very relaxed there. It's actually one of the few places outside my home that I seem to get energy from by being there. Most places, especially shops take energy from me, but not Knotty. I thought I was completely tired out and was congratulating myself for not buying any yarn, but then, after a little rest, I got the urge to blend some fibres. But, can you blame me, really? I'm surrounded by all those beautiful fibres, yarns and toys. After having a day of self restraint, I just couldn't hold out any longer.

Merino and silk cocoons. It's pretty.

The day was wonderful. I really enjoyed spending time with this yarn friend. I now want to visit Quebec more than anything AND, I'm going to try to learn more French. I suck at languages, especially these days, but maybe if I watch French films (like Seducing Dr Lewis and Amalie) without subtitles, I can start to learn what they are saying.

Today I have some tasks to do down town, so I might take some of my hand spun down to Knotty to put on consignment. I can hardly knit these days but I can spin. So, why not? This way my fibre habit can help pay for itself.


Josiane said...

You made me smile, both then and now with this lovely post!

(I'll come back and read your other posts as soon as possible... I simply couldn't resist reading this one!)

Sarah said...

Sounds like a wonderful visit! Glad you got to meet in person. :)

Beth said...

I love Amelie! It's a fantastic movie... Glad you had fun with your yarn friend.