Saturday, February 28, 2009

Best Birthday Cake Ever

A fibre birthday cake. I couldn't ask for a better birthday. Thank you.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I am actually still alive. I've learnt that being away from the internet does not equate being dead. It definitely feels disconnecting though.

Okay, the thing is, the internet lives in a part of the house which makes me feel unwell to visit. So, I've been down here maybe three times since the internet came back. In the apartment, the internet was in my bedroom, so even on the most health-poor days, I could stay in bed, reach over to the computer and check my email. Not so here.

I'm told that a wire will be run up to a part of the house that I do well in so that I can sit there and use the internet. Fingers crossed that it will be soon.

The upside is that all that time I would otherwise be spending online has been used for things like spinning and knitting. That, and being attacked by a goat. We went to this farm to look at a second hand tractor and this insane goat cornered me while everyone else walked away not noticing the situation I was in. The ground was all mud and manure so it was super-slippery and the goat just wanted to but me with his horns. Eventually he gave up but not before getting the point of his considerable horn dug into my knee. So now I'm limping about the house with a swollen knee but, you know what, I don't mind. At least I got to pet a goat. Do goats come without horns?