Friday, September 14, 2012

Destash time and etsy shop sale

SALE TIME IN MY ETSY SHOP.  Special coupon just for you.

I just got butt in the hand by a goat, so I'm going to make this quicker than I wanted to.  It's still too early to really hurt, but it's developing a deep ache in the bones which makes me feel I bruised it pretty bad.  Oh well, they are cute so what are you going to do?

It's time to really clean out my life, or more specifically, clean out the stuff from  my life.  Events are starting to circle around us like wake of vultures and we really need to have less stuff for when they land.  So I'm going to be adding more and more stuff to my etsy shop and reducing the prices.

A special price just for you dedicated readers (who stick with me through the years even when I spend months at a time away from this blog) here is a coupon for my shop.

Use the code: DESTASHTIME for 35% off the price of anything in my etsy shop.  Anything at all.  Just be sure to use the code DESTASHTIME at checkout to get the discount.