Sunday, February 03, 2008


Y came around for dinner last night. We had a simple curry and poppadoms.

I think that poppadoms have to be on of my all time most favorite foods ever! Have you ever made poppadoms? It only takes a few minutes to make an entire batch. It's like magic, you have these flat boring discs that you put into hot oil and within two to three seconds they are all curly and ready to eat. They take a fair bit of oil to make, so we don't have them all that often. If I had my way I would have them four or five times a week. They are just that yummy.

Y had a go at translating the Japanese knitting pattern for me. It's funny, she has good Japanese-to-English skills, but knitting patterns have a totally different lexicon. We ended up getting out my Japanese knitting book for help (it has photos). It was a bit of a struggle (especially with my brain fogging up like it has been lately) but I now feel far more confident about making the vest.

Speaking about knitting patterns, isn't this just the cutest pig ever? This book is going on my wish list for the next time one of my friends journeys to Japan. Oh and this book as well. It makes me want to learn Japanese.