Monday, February 06, 2017

Waffle weave samples in blue

 This is my very first time weaving waffle weave.  Well, at least, I think it's waffle weave.  It certainly has a texture to it.

I used 8/2 cotton set at 20epi.  I choose this draft because it has a 1/3 twill - one up, three down - which is very quick and easy on a direct tie up jack loom like mine.


 I think it turned out beautifully.  The pictures don't do it justice.  The warp is a random mix of four colours, and each of the four cloths is a different, single colour weft.  This make the fabric look different front and back.  I choose the warp dominant side for the front, but it was a tough decision.  here's the 'back'.

 The next question is, do any of these match the bathroom?  If so, which one and do I want to make a set of towels like this?

Texture wise, these are fantastic.  Definitely bathroom towel texture.  So even if these aren't the right colour, I think I found a good draft.

One challenge was the edge.  I used a floating selvedge, but still, I got big floats next to the edge.

These didn't go away with the wash, so I'm wondering if I could change where in the pattern I put the edges, if this will fix the problem.  At the moment, the edges stop and start at shaft 1.  What if I changed that to be like...

See my yellow box?

What do you think?

My head is full of all sorts of possibilities for this pattern.  It's stretchy and warm, perfect for a cardigan.  How about if I used a 24epi sett and made a bathrobe from it?  It would be absolutely lovely as a bath towel, maybe if I wove panels and blanket stitched them together?

Sunday, February 05, 2017

apparently some people in town don't have snow.

This was yesterday while I was on the phone to a friend.  I took this while talking with her.  20-minute phone call and almost half an inch of snow in that time.

She's only 20-minute drive from my home and she hasn't had any snow.  Here I am shovelling the driveway 5 times in three days (if we don't shovel it, it partly melts then freezes for a pain in the arse experience - as in a sudden, sharp pain when arse collides with driveway).

Our weather is so localized that we can have a foot of snow (well, 8 inches) and in town they haven't a flurry.