Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Aristotelian Knit!

It is curious how much knitting reminds me of Aristotle's ontology. You have a logical structure, or form (the pattern) being imposed on the substratum (yarn) in such a way as to create a primary substance (sock). This process is an excellent demonstration of Aristotle's conception of change. The interplay of actuality and potentiality present in this act of becoming, reminds one that there is something to Aristotle's way of thinking.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Cat and Girl

Cat and Girl

I don't know much about the author of Cat And Girl, but I suspect she takes simular classes to me. Very philosophical writer this one, and funny. I'm not talking Marx funny, or Descartes funny, they are only funny because they don't mean to be. I'm talking about real funny. She (he?) tries to be funny, says something charming and smart. Always makes me laugh.

Gone back to readin Hegel. Must prepair for fall classes. I heard from another person that the university I want to study for my Masters at is good. That makes me happy. I've now knitted three complete pares of socks (EVER!). The first pair is crap. I knit it in a stretchy cotton, I don't like them at all, and because they are knee high, they took FOREVER! 0r almost. After I finish my cardigan I think I'll knit some more socks. or maybe before. I don't know. I'm so very tired.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Summer time and the living is easy...

If wishes were wings.... and I don't know the rest. Perhaps, pigs would fly, but that has been beaten to death. I remember there being something about hope and bridges, but the details are vague. Perhaps, if wishes were wings, bread would do more than just rise? Or, perhaps, we can leave it to the beauty of your imagination.

I took my bike around the coast yesterday. It was lovely and warm. The sun and the breeze hammered down on me in the most delightful way.

I'm off to work for the next few days. Haven't been doing much philosophy lately, mostly reading Jane Austin in hopes of getting to know the time period better. I like reading novels of a time period written in the time period they are about. It is like a self portrait of a certain cross section of society.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Knitty &c.

I wish that knitting magazines like would include a cooking recipe that goes well with knitting.

For example: On my days off, I love to knit while I am baking traditional bread. The bread takes about 4 hours to bake, but really only requires a total of half an hour attention. The rest of the time, I need to be home, doing something while it rises, so I knit.

Other ideas would include quick appetizers (not too sticky because the yarn will get yucky) that one can serve at a knitting get together. Or pretty things that involve breading pastry or something that resembles knitting motion.

But then again, if wishes were wings......

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Out of the loop

I've been a bit distracted lately. Mostly I blame the weather. It is far too sunny and overly lovely this week. A very good friend (you know who you are) and I have been cycling around town and are now sufficiently sun burnt. Oh...Happy Days!

A craft shop in town is going out of business, so I bought some sock yarn. I decided that it would be perfect for the Rib and Cable Socks from the Fall 2005 issue of Interweave Knits. Only I left the pattern at home when I went out and rather than stop knitting until I could get home, I decided to make it up as I go along. I also had to 'invent' a way of cableing without a cable needle, which was 'fun'. Now, it looks very unlike the original pattern, I've varied completely off and I think I'll go astray even further by adapting the heal and toe from the Simply Lovely Lace Socks from the recent Interweave Knits. Oh Well! At least I'm trying.

I made socks a while back with some cotton/elastic yarn, and I hate them. I really do. I've frogged them twice, and they just are shite! They look lovely if you don't wear them, but if you stretch them they look and feel like crap. I was so sad and thought about giving up on socks all together. Now, with these new socks, I'm feeling better. This will be my third pair of use-able socks.

On a side note. A very nice Gideon gave me a bible the other day. I couldn't refuse because every good academic needs a bible, and I'm just curios. For reasons that don't need explaining at this juncture, I am rather fond of the book of John. So, I started reading it. Now I have a question: Did/does Jesus have free will? If so, in what way?

I know, it's a foolish philosopher's question, but It's bugging me and I really want to know.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A good friend and summer weather

It is a sunny day and a day of cleaning house. We open up the windows and door to the balcony. I water the plants, and the cat goes outside to lay in the sunshine and mud. then the cat comes inside after we vacuum. Now the house is covered in cat hair and mud, the cat is locked outside until she drys off.

Instead, no, she lays down on the deck, half in the sun, head in a puddle of water. What kind of a cat likes water? My cat is crazy.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I dislike having to choose a title.

It is interesting how much one can learn of a society by reading its fiction. Although the society has been dead a while, the mythology that it created is very telling of how things use to be. Take Jane Austen - every line in her novels are full of satire or social commentary (when viewed from a certain point of view). It amuses me greatly, but also, I have the opportunity to see how the age and culture are portrayed by one who lived in it. This is the end of the true upper classes in the Western world. Not long before Marx began writing, and during the upheavals in France. Napoleon was ravaging what remained of the old class system, and replacing it with his own version, all in the name of the people. What a guy. England was trying desperately to hold on to what it had left while technology boomed and labours began to demand rights.

This is the climate at the beginning of the period that I want to study. But what use is it to study only the thought - the philosophical writings - of the time period without taking into account the people? There is something more, something so actual about this time period. So many advances, so much of the technology created and the ways of existing that developed in this time were things that could be seen, things that could be touched. Unlike today, the virtual today, where advancements have little to do with the every-day lives of the every-man/woman. And when they do touch the every-day lives of people, in our modern times, they do so invisibly - a new computer program, a new kind of fruit that looks just like the old one, only bigger. &c.