Friday, November 27, 2009

Holiday prep.: The Marshmallow and the Pudding

I am in love with my kitchen.

Even though it was a stay at home in my PJs kind of day, I still managed to do a little bit of baking.

I made some plumb pudding for Christmas by modifying a combination of one of Mrs Beeton's recipes and a recipe I found here (a sight that seems to have vanished over night but I'll link it here just in case it comes back - it was really awesome and had all sorts of holiday foods that are free of the common and not so common allergies). It's so yummy. Only instead of making one pudding as I expected, it instead made five. I'm not complaining.

I also made marshmallows. As icing sugar is out, I dusted the marshmallows with cocoa. I think that corn starch might have worked just as well. They taste incredibly sweet and I just can't stop eating them. In fact, I'm off to eat some more pre-breakfast marshmallows right now. Chow.


Josiane said...

It's hard not to be in love with one's kitchen when such delicious goodies come out of it! Enjoy!

Eddy said...

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