Friday, December 04, 2009

odd question for inventors

Hi there,

This is probably going to sound like an odd question, but is there a solar powered device that I could put in a small tub of water to prevent it from freezing. It doesn't get all that cold here normally. 'Though it was cold enough last night for my rabbit's water system to freeze. It's about a gallon of water in a bucket with tubes going to each cage and a nipple on the end that they can lick for water. I could probably insulate the tubes better but that won't help if it's got cold water flowing into it. I've seen water heating systems for livestock in the feed shop. They are a heating element that you emerge in the water. But they all seem to need an electrical source and I've haven't seen any that are thermostat controlled. It would be silly to keep it on when the water is warm. Also, there's no electricity down to where the rabbits live.

so, tell me, is there a solar powered, temperature controlled, water heating device available for an affordable price or has this yet to be invented? If it does exist, how many batteries, at what strength, would it require to make the heating work?

I'm off to carting hot water from the house to the rabbit's home for the rest of the morning if anyone needs to get in touch.


Cody Drew said...

Thinking quickly on the matter, it wouldnt be hard to make such a device. Do you have any electrical savvy friends? I'd help you out, but I live in Australia and somehow I'm sure you are very far away from me.

All that would be needed is a small solar panel and a heat inducting coil I assume - what creates the heat is the resistance offered by the wire to the flow of electricity :)

Find someone with a little know how and it should be relatively easy. Or, approach your local hardware store and explain your predicament, and they may be able to help you out with either a pre-made device or a how to construct one.

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