Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tangled cap

I had some yarn left over from the Tangled Yoke Cardi, so I decided to knit myself a tangled hat. I spun this yarn from some Louet fibre, starting almost two years ago. This yarn has been an adventure in mishaps involving car doors and all sorts of wild and crazy things. But you know what, I adore knitting with it. It's been a great sense of accomplishment to spin this much of the same kind of yarn for this large a project. And then to have some left over that I could knit into this cute little cap (pattern Celtic Cap by Girl from Auntie).

I have enough of this yarn left over for almost another hat. I would really like a tam, perhaps I can find a contrasting colour and knit up something with colour work in it.

1 comment:

Josiane said...

Gorgeous hat! Your yarn is really beautiful.