Thursday, February 03, 2011

Singer 127 - Getting to know feet

I don't know if this might help or interest anyone out there, but I'm putting together a series of Getting to Know my Antique/Vintage Singer Sewing Machine (Singer 127). Today I learnt about feet.

I would like to ask any sewing machine experts to please point out anything I'm doing wrong. I'm a self taught sewer and am learning about the machine by working my way through the manual.

My Vintage Singer Sewing Machine came with feet like you wouldn't believe.

I can only recognize a few of these and most of those I don't know what they do. It is going to be fun to learn.

The sewing machine may be limited as to what it can perform, but there was a gadget for everything.

I love gadgets.

I'm really eager to learn how these will work.

I think they might just be for making hems of different sizes. At least that's what I hope they are for.

I'm also really want to find out how this things works.

I think it is used for applying bias tape and other edgings in one smooth step. Sounds like the perfect thing for binding those armhole seams. I will have to go ask the people at ravelry if these are indeed the parts that go together.

And in other news. I wanted to do a demonstration for you all (and for myself) to show all the cool things you can accomplish with the hemmer foot. Unfortunately it didn't fit properly into my machine. Even with the pressure foot raised to it's highest position, there was not sufficient clearance for the fabric to slip between the foot and the feed dogs. Hmmm... is this what they could mean by high shaft and low shaft pressure foot? This requires more study, but I did take some photos of the offending attachment and the pressure foot that was in the machine and is known to work well.

Perhaps someone might be able to tell me more.

In the mean time, I have heddles to thread.

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Leslie said...

I know this is late, but I just scored a tin of attachments at my local thrift store for $3! There are many that you have in your pic. Also included was an instruction booklet that does a pretty good job explaining what each attachment does. If you'd like, I can scan and email to you. I believe it explains the three in your post you were wondering about.