Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Tour de Fleece 2011 - Chakra and alpaca question

Taking a break today from spinning purple fibre to work on my Charkra.

Maybe it's just sitting on the floor, or the stretch of the shoulders when you do the long draw. Whichever it is, I find this wheel really enjoyable to work on.

On a slightly related topic: do you think it is possible to wash Alpaca fibre in Cold water? There is very little grease in it, so I imagine that water temp is less important. And before you tell me what soap or detergent to use, I will use Orvus paste (due to allergies).

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Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure you can. I know another person who usually just fills up the tubs outside with a garden hose, and gets a ton of dirt out that way.