Friday, February 10, 2012

Antique Sewing Machine - Singer 115

Here are some photos of my Singer 115 sewing machine. I first thought it was a Singer 15, due to the fact that the tension spring was at the end of the faceplate, but when I looked the serial number, I found out how wrong I was.

I don't know much about the 115, and there is very little information about them online. What I do know is that it has a rotating hook (as opposed to the oscillating hook that the Singer 15 has - in case anyone cares.)

I haven't done anything to the machine yet. The decals are in near perfect condition, but have a layer of grime on them. There is no build up of lint or grease inside the works. There is very little if any evidence that this machine has been used. It was made in 1916.

There are no plans for this machine at the moment. I'm just going to put it to one side in the cupboard for now.


Josiane said...

You've rescued another beauty - sweet! :)

Natalie Freed said...

That's absolutely beautiful. I like your new blog background, btw!

Leonard Sackett said...

My wife's "new" machine is a Singer 115 and it sounds and works like a champ. She makes quilts for each niece as they start collage. She used the 115 for the last quilt and loved doing it on this treadle machine.

Leonard Sackett said...

I didn't restore it though. I bought it restored as a 45 wedding present for my wife. Pictures:

Leonard Sackett said...

My wife's is a 115 and she loves it. The last quilt she made she did it all on that machine.

I did buy it restored for her for our 45 anniversary. Pictures: