Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Need a new me. revamping my wardrobe to avoid reverse ageism. please advise.

Oh, I am so rubbish at this.  Anyone want to tell me what I should wear?

I'm not one to notice clothing very much.  Especially when it comes to my own clothing.  The main factors that influence my cloth acquisitions are 1) it's going to last a long time,  2) it doesn't clash with what I'm wearing at the moment, 3) it would be fun to try and make that.  I know, it's not the best way to go about dressing myself, but hey, my brain isn't built right for high fashion.

Lately I've had a lot of trouble with people mistaking me for five, ten and even fifteen years younger than I am.  This can actually be a bad thing.  It's called reverse ageism and is very prevalent here.  It can be anything from undercover police officers harassing your with loads of questions when you go to buy cooking sake in the liquor store, to shop keepers refusing to acknowledged you or take your money in the store.  Heaven forbid that you should be responsible for training a woman who thinks you are the same age as her junior high school kids when in fact she is only five years my senior.  The resentment she expressed got worse when she found out how old I actually am.  I think I made her feel that she looks old.  Sigh.

So maybe it's time to care a bit more about my clothing.

Perhaps create a unified theme to my closet?

At the moment I usually wear jeans, tank top or solid colour tea shirt with a blouse over top.  In winter I usually add a cardigan or pullover.  The dressing in layers thing is very important in this climate.

As the clothing ages, it get's downgraded.  City clothing, farm clothing if I think people might show up, digging in the garden clothing, and mucking out the chickens clothing.  There is no real difference between the actual outfits except how threadbare the cloth is.

Personally I always thought this looked more like country/farm clothing than something a teen would wear, but apparently I'm wrong.

Time to revamp my wardrobe.  But what kind of clothing would I like to wear?

Well, I know I look best in jewel colours.  My clothing gets dirty quickly, so something that wears well and doesn't show the dirt (earth tones?).  So earth and jewel colours.  Do they go well together?

I like blouses, I like cardigans, and I like long skirts.  I like bottoms that don't fit too snugly, but that don't look floppy.  I have some rather female curves (and an over-ample endowment), so perhaps I could choose something that shows these off just slightly, not too fitted, but not too frumpy.  Possible?

A Neo-Victorian hint to my clothing would also be nice, but I could always just find a fob watch and put it on a chain I suppose.  But if I could achieve the same feeling by colour and cut, so much the better.

And a slightly, very slightly Asian feel would also be welcome.

Now for the hard part...

...I don't know any shop that can do all this.  Shopping is not my strong suit, so perhaps sewing could come to the rescue?

I found Simple Modern Sewing at the library (yes, I actually know where it is.  It's the place full of ink-stink with the free wi-fi) and I think this might be a good place to start revamping my wardrobe.  It's got skirts, loose fitting stylish pants, shirts, all sorts of good things to wear.

What do you think?  Anyone out there want to give advice?  Got any great sewing patterns that would fit my new style or recommend some fabric?

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Josiane said...

I'm sorry I don't have any specific advice or suggestion. I can commiserate, however! It also happens to me a lot that people think I'm much younger than I actually am, and yes, this is a problem, and not a fun one to have! (It's only made worse when those people then insist that looking much younger than we are is such a lovely thing... No, it's not!!!) Oops, I've started ranting, haven't I? Sorry! I really feel strongly about this!
Good luck in your quest to find clothing you'll love that will let you avoid (or at least minimize) this problem! I'm looking forward to following along if you choose to share your process with this. :)