Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sheep shearing day

Summer came (for a few weeks anyway) and it was time to shear the sheep.  

These are Icelandic sheep owned by some good friends of ours.  The sheep are staying on our farm which is awesome.  I get to learn all about keeping and caring for these fluffy animals.  Well, not so fluffy after the shearing.

And this little fellow belongs to me.  He doesn't have a name and unfortunately he won't get one.  Eventually he will be going in the freezer, but first I have the privilege of giving him the best and most enjoyable life I can.  This use to really bother me, knowing my food while it's still alive, and it's still very sad when the time comes; however, the more I work with animals, the more I love them.  If I am going to eat one, I want to know that it had a good life and a gentle end.

The fibre is fantastic for hand spinning.  This fellow has a duel coat, longer hairs, which because of his age are as soft as romney, and an even softer down coat next to his skin.  Because it's so perfect as is, and there is so little lanolin in it, I think I might wait for a warm week and work this in the grease.

There he is all naked and shy.  Good thing it was a warm day.

Do you remember those goslings I talked about in the spring?  Getting bigger, but still not full size.

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