Saturday, February 15, 2014

Power out

The power has been going out a lot this week.  It's not usual in these parts to be without electricity, but to tell you the truth, I rather like it.  The only serious problem we have is the lack of running water (the well pump is electric), that and the lack of internet.  I'm amazed by how addicted I am to having information at my fingertips.  Doing without the net makes me wonder if I should get one of those tablets or smart phones or whatever... but then again, it would be like buying drugs to give to a drug addict.  I'm better off without.  I'm better off reminding my brain how to access information on it's own instead of running to google every time I need to know how many milliliters are in a measuring cup.

So in a way, being without power is a good reminder to myself.

While the power is out, I've been sewing cloth bags from scraps of fabric leftover from different projects.  I have decided that my reason for not using cloth bags while grocery shopping is a stupid one.  I don't like the texture or shape of commercial bags.  No use wasting energy complaining about it when I can put that energy into building a solution.

Anyway, off to feed the sheep, llamas, and alpacas their dinner, then get ready for tonight's windstorm.

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Anonymous said...

I use a backbag in a shop. I know it looks bad and I try to be not thinking it. When I see an another customer with a backbag, I close my eyes: "Excuse me, can anybody turn me towards the cash desk, Im leaving now." :)