Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ohhh, Sale!

My brain is so overworked today.  Spent much of the day working on my etsy shop, improving photos (which still need work I think), writing descriptions, trying to discover this new shipping service thing they have... so on and so forth.

I did manage to successfully was create a coupon code for 30% off my items in my shop.  Pretty nifty eh?

Basically I'm feeling bad that it's taking so long  to get things up and the shop all tidy.  So I figure, for the rest of the month of March, 2014, if you enter the code WELCOMEBACK30 when you buy something from my Trampled by Geese Etsy Shop  you get 30% off your purchase. Must be entered at checkout, there's a little place you click before you pay that says 'enter coupon code here' or something like that.

Loads more stuff to list, but right now my brain is frizzled and needs a rest.

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